Celebrating Black Excellence in the Kitchen: Introducing Amplifying Black Culinarians Digital Cookbook

In the culinary world, diversity is the spice of life. As we mark the beginning of Black History Month, it is our pleasure to unveil Bon Appetit Management Company’s Amplifying Black Culinarians digital cookbook — a vibrant collection of recipes from our talented Black chefs, cooks, and team members. 

Amplifying Black Culinarians is a journey that embraces the richness of Black culinary heritage through the recipes of our Black culinarians. We’ve opened the kitchen doors wide, inviting our talented team to share both traditional family recipes and innovative creations they’ve developed along their personal culinary paths. 

We understand the importance of promoting Black voices in the culinary industry. Our talented Black employees bring unique experiences, traditions, and flavors to our tables, and this cookbook is a celebration of their invaluable contributions. Amplifying Black Culinarians is an embodiment of our commitment to inclusivity and recognizing the brilliance of our Black team members. 

We invite our guests to download the Amplifying Black Culinarians digital cookbook here for free. It’s a chance to discover recipes that reflect the rich culinary heritage and innovation that our Black culinary talents bring to our kitchens and is a testament to the vibrancy of our culinary team and the diverse world of flavors they bring to your dining experience. Download the cookbook, savor the recipes, and join us in celebrating Black excellence in Bon Appétit kitchens.