Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I have to swipe my card each time I come in for a meal in Anderson

A. Bon Appétit is contracted by Wheaton College to provide meal services, we do not get paid for the service unless each card is swiped.

Q. Can I take my food out at Anderson Commons?

A. Unfortunately, the pricing on the meal plan is for food to only be consumed while dining in the café.

Q. Can I swipe my cards at both Anderson Commons and The Stupe?

A. You may only use your board plan for one meal period, you will need to use your Thunder bucks or Cash for a second meal during the same meal period. The only exception to this is if you are on a block plan.

Q. Why do I physically need my card to swipe me in?

A. Swiping in helps speed the line through as well as you are the only one that is allowed to use your meal plan and the photo ID is checked to your information.

Q. Why can’t I give my card to my friend to use my extra meals?

A. Your meal plan pricing is configured on your own usage and we are obligated to protect your meals to be available for you to eat the proper program you have chosen. The rules for the plan prohibit the use of your card by anyone other then yourself.

Q. What do I do if I am sick?

A. You need to go to your RA or the Health Center to obtain a “Sick Card” to allow a meal to be packed for you.

Q. I have a Block plan, can I bring in additional guests to eat and use my Block Plan punches?

A. Yes, that is the benefit of having a Block Plan you can use them when you would like.

Q. My mother or friend is visiting, does she eat for free?

A. We have a Cash price for visitors. We accept Cash, MC and Visa

Q. While Dining can I take a snack out with me?

A. We allow ONE piece of Whole Fruit to travel with you anything else is considered a violation of our policies and subject to your ID being collected.

Q. How do I know how many meals I have left in the week?

A. 10-14-18 plans we can only check in the back office. Ask a manager for assistance

65-160-210 plans we can tell you the number at the Cashier standard

Q. What if my class schedule doesn’t allow me to get to Anderson for my meal?

A. We provide you the option to pack a lunch! When you come in for breakfast let the cashier know that you need to Pack a lunch. The cashier will swipe you twice. Once for breakfast and once for lunch and then provide you with 2 zip lock bags and a paper bag, bottled beverages are available. Our Make Your Own Deli is available during the breakfast meal period to allow you to make a sandwich.

Q. What do I do if I lose my card?

A. You must find or replace your card immediately! Go to Public

Safety and pay for your replacement card or you may not be allowed in for your meal.

If you have any other questions please feel free to stop into the Bon Appétit office

ask a Manager while dining or email Becky Hallock at